Investor Relations

Axcel Ecomm LLC, and the company’s developing subsidiaries are in the design and production stages of creating and marketing its ecommerce based consumer and business credit and financial education content properties through multiple online sellers and ecommerce shopping sites. 

The company’s educational content and learning systems will be protected by trademarks, copy rights and patents.

The strategic planning and creation of intellectual ecommerce property and technology is confidential at this time.

However, potentially in the near future we may link and add a full investors relations page and site for full prospectus under a signed (NDA) Non-Disclosure Agreement for interested investors, and private equity holdings.

Subsequently, if the company issues stock and engages in raising outside capital we will at that time provide the necessary filed documentation and issue relevant important press releases and updates on our news page.

At this time please go to contact page to leave us a message or email at,

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Axcel Ecomm LLC