Building Ecommerce Brands

Building Our Brands.

The company Axcel Ecomm is conducting analysis and identifying opportunities that are potentially large underutilized gaps that can be developed and marketed in the consumer credit and business credit finance educational ecommerce space.

Large private equity investment firms for example, are betting that the rapid expansion in online shopping is here to stay with some of the world’s biggest investment funds searching for deals in everything from warehouses, online retailers, educational platform content providers, fintech banking, to delivery companies and more.

The volume of early stage to exit deals in the industry more than doubled in the third quarter from a year earlier to hit $229 billion according to data compiled by Bloomberg Oct 2021.

Retail ecommerce revenues have grown to $4.88 trillion in 2021, according to Statista. As retailers adjust to this online sales boom ecommerce marketplaces including educational platform content providers are changing the way customers shop. Amazon alone accounts for 40% of online retail and 43% of ecommerce gains last year, according to Internet Retailer.

Axcel Ecomm goals are to capture a percentage of the untapped credit and finance education market for current and future ecommerce growth that is predicted by top ecommerce analysts.

Additionally, all created content development will strive to be brand driven and will utilize the latest software technology and acquire to differentiate from its competitors in the consumer and business credit education ecommerce sector.